Thursday, 10 April 2008

I am...

'I am neither, I am both. I took my path, I took my cards, I tore at them, unflinching, and moved onward, and upward. I decide to make decisions that are already predetermined. How can I have this. My path had been set out, I had no choice but to follow it, but there was always hope, there was always a belief, a speck of doubt about it all, that made I am torn." His mind's eye had calmed, he was beginning to come to terms with the unknown, his past as it had been before the crash, his being, his absolute self belief in himself, and how he was a product of his own decisions which he was free to make as he chose. And after the crash, his coping mechanism that gave the whole thing purpose and clarity, there was a reason behind his pain, he was on a path and he would strive along, that path to kill everyRiRithing he hated, it had been decided for him and it freed him from the responsibility for the murders'

What do you think? To see my responses, click on the links in the text or posts below. To read more about this novel, check Richard Galbraith's blog.

I am very interested to see the progress of his writing on the blog, but also read the comments of other fans.

In some points I do not agree with Richard (I am a post-modernist), but generally speaking I agree that one can be so self-defined that everything can be justified - it's human nature. Luckily some of us have strength to choose stronger, more difficult paths and educated enough to see through lies.

I think the truth is in between - in the harmony between the pre-defined and the chosen. At least that is how it works for me.

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Richard Galbraith said...

thanks for posting this Sylwia, and sorry it's taken me so long to comment. The argument between pre-defined and a being a product of ones own decisions, is so tough, so mind blowing, it's just a moot point, there's no way it can possibly be answered, at least in philosophers eyes. in my own opinion, i seek to answer it with the gift that is science fiction writing...i'll just have to see how my book goes ;)