Thursday, 10 April 2008

broken words

I am not a product, nor a subject. I am the spear moment between two words, the unspoken truth. The harder I try to define myself, the clearer it becomes that the final stop is a play of signs, a constant movement, an association. I am cultivating all the symbols, names and their meanings, tattoo. The 'I' enriches the mosaic of my self-portrait by measurement of the color of my eyes - the scale from dark green to yellow. I am not definite, nor defined. 'You soy un flow' (Orishas)
The choices I make I measure in terms of actions and reactions. Every action evokes a reaction. There are good and bad people, but there is no good nor bad deeds. Only mistakes. Wrong action means painful, destructive, dangerous reaction.
I choose based on self awareness and logic. Faith has nothing to do with it. Faith helps to sustain the flow.

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