Saturday, 19 April 2008

low blood pressure

It is used to be a stupid joke of my husband but gets f@ serious! I have extremely low blood pressure and I managed to identify three standard reasons for it:
1. Genetic
2. irregular eating
3. stress

So...what we need to do is: increase the intake of salt (I hate salty food), continue with 4 cups of coffee a day (wow! I am allowed), drink 8 glasses of water/day and at least glass of red wine/week, massage my feet int he morning and meditate int he evenings, swim as much as possible, take long walks after work (helps to relax, by no means) and drink ginger tea...last one is going to be challenging due to the fact that as a tea lover I am just in the middle of my 'rose tea' period, and it will be difficult to give up on it:/

But I will motivate myself with bits of chocolate from Costa Rica brought kindly by Siobhan. I really appreciate the thought!:)

To get rid of the headaches I need to do the new set of glasses - pc screens are killing me! I feel literary sick!

And once again I need to see the GP.

Getting old sucks...

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