Saturday, 19 April 2008

more gadgets

Finally managed to get my new eee pc sorted.

I got one week ago, but the key board was faulty. Boys from PC World proved to be very helpful and exchanged my fist buy to a new, baby-blue computer while my dear son convinced the security guard that he has to take him on his knees and let him play with all the CCTV systems installed in the store (do not ask how...). I left the shop loved for being patient and for having a charming son....and headed off to the neighboring military shop (have a long, also genetically coded passion to militarism and need to check the shop out again) where I managed to find a small laptop case made by Web-Tex with great care and perfect quality, only for £12!!!Anyway, ASUS is perfect for my needs - I can type and save my writings wherever I am (with battery lasting up to 3 hrs!), preview my fresh pictures directly from the SD card; browse the web, check mail and organize my tasks and plan the week at and outside of work. Yes, it is a well developed organizer, but if you are stubborn and really want to use Microsoft on it, get the 4GB and install it! I am not sure if I will be able to use my 3 mobile broadband on it, but there is no need. For traveling the wireless is picked up easily, at home I work on my Packard Bell anyway. The main idea was to have a small pc, and I think it is not too big. not much larger, than my wallet...

I have found two quality blogs on the device. One is mentioning new release of SDK for ASUS (great news!) and other development options, as well as news. The other one delivers world wide news about it and makes me sad i do not live in Hong Kong...yet;)
I bet there is more, this was a quick Google search.

I have no name for it yet. Any suggestions? Sam is too good, need something more down-to-earth...

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