Monday, 14 April 2008

long weekend, full of sport and gadgets

Hi there, I am dying in front of my pc, but before I go off to bed, let me just explain why I was so busy of my new gadgets (it's scary, I start to like the word GADGET!) is little WD Passport, which is nothing more than 160MB external hard drive, but for me great back up for my photos.

Since I was going for eee pc, I managed to budget for this too, and I have no regrets. So eee pc is left in the corner of my desk, waiting...I managed to try it out on the bus from London to check my photos from London Marathon...

...and must admit - I didn't realize and we were back in Oxford! So for now I know one - eee pc is a great tool for a photographer working with digital cam.

All right, nightnight, I need to get some rest before the new week. (not that I haven't worked tonight, but this just for the peace of mind;))
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