Wednesday, 9 April 2008

on beauty

I spent late evening last night watching 'Stealing beauty' by Bertolucci, who really discovered Liv Tyler.

I must admit that this film is very, very close to changing my '3 the best' list! I need to watch it few more times - tomorrow with someone, who's opinion really matters to me.
I find it fascinating how theatrical and how gentle the story is!

Myself in the meantime I spend time on very down o earth activities - taking my son to GP (luckily his horrible cough means getting better:/), ironing, cleaning - even having an afternoon nap! Actually this made me think a little. I haven't been eating well recently so I am quite weak but today I had no power to lift up my son,nor my own arms:( I had to realize that there is no way for me to live on tea instead of coffee (my last weekend), because my body switches off! (no wonder if one has 90/60 blood pressure!).

So here is one good thought! Tomorrow I am going back to work - something to pump my blood with;) And a lovely evening a the fireplace, not alone, to look forward to.

(Promised to few people map for my exhibition, so I will try to do it this week)

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