Friday, 11 April 2008

Sea Land the title of my part of the exhibition in Appleton.

Why? Sea Land is the state of my soul currently - also a place in England somewhere:) - where there is no border lien between the land and the water, everything is liquid, constantly changing form and distance...there is sometimes stability, but most of the time flow after a flow. So I guess it suits the project too...

So here it is. It started with...I guess the very fact I hated that place and didn't want to move there! I was trapped and very lonely there...I felt abandoned, alienated...but quickly I was asked to join the community, and met few good and very interesting people...
After I separated from my husband I stayed there to gather my thoughts.
I met Kristina, who is a good friend now.
In the meantime I was invited to take part in Oxford Artweeks together with other artists from the village - simple note in my postbox!
I met Jo.

Now I need to gather my thoughts again. What do I want to say with this one? Last one was called signs and it was opened few days after my horrible marriage ended. I know now that SIGNS meant those I have seen...of the ending, of re-birth.

Today all I can say is that I have lived my last year - yes, slowly a year! - very close to the nature. i spent every single free minute of my life in the gardens of Wantage, Oxford, London...purely meditating and searching for the old self and a new path.

What I can say is that I have found it all - my old self, new country, new life and new role. I have made peace with my past and blind choices. I have forgiven myself. I enjoy life again, fully.

So here it is -  twenty titles:
Tulips, 'spring flowers'
Ticloy, 'house of stone'
Lymm, 'noisy stream'
Doonaha, 'ford of the ford'
Ashendon, 'hill overgrown with ash-trees'
Loftus, 'house with a loft'
See Grave, 'grove'
Annagassan, 'ford of the paths'
Dornoch, 'place of the first stones'
Hoy, 'high island'
Briska, 'brittle land'
Ahakista, 'ford of the box'
Huish, 'measure of land that would support family'
Zeal, 'hall'
Doo, 'black lake'
Ahalia, 'lake of the salt water'
Kilbaha, 'church of birches'
Saval, 'barn'
Boola, 'milking place'
Hammoon, 'enclosure or land in a riverbed'

All of them found in a dictionary of English names (note: some of them are actually Irish). All of them on the map. I have found most of them already and I plan to visit them with Kristina during next 12 months. it was her idea to use this book (she is a writer and brilliant person!). It was my colleagues and their language obsessions that pushed me to find names that sound interesting to my ear.
So basically first were the titles. Later their meaning and real places. Only then (actually today) have I finished adding the titles to previously chosen photographs. How? Based on how they sound and what I see in the picture - so randomly, and not;)
To make it more post-modern I will try to put up a map of those places somewhere during the exhibition.

Afterwards I will start blogging about those places and see, how really could I connect them to the chosen photo.

So, lot's of work for the next year, hihi..

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