Thursday, 24 April 2008


Yes, I think it will be, but it is a part of a larger picture...
Moved by One Fat Man 08's and Nathan's commitment to their goals and by the atmosphere of London Marathon I have decided to do combine the two. Triggered also by the latest Amnesty International newsletter and 'Stop Violence Against Women' campaign on (if you haven't already, it is worth thinking about donating few pounds a month for this brave organization), with my own story at the back of my head I have entered the London's Adidas Womens Challenge 2008.

I thought I will be happy, maybe even proud of myself.
I am scared!
I thought I will change my lifestyle - eat properly, meditate again, swim and run every single day.
I am sitting in front of Bob, my laptop and blogging!
I thought I will spread the news...subscribed to FriendFeed and Blogged, planning to open a few other accounts...
I have not mentioned a single word to anyone apart from few very close friends:/

Well, in May I will celebrate the first anniversary of a very brave deed myself, so I think I need to pull myself together and ..well at least cook proper dinner tonight;) By September the 7th I will be running...oh, God, what have I done!!!!

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