Thursday, 3 April 2008

Time and the like

yes, it has been a while since my last post. Simply because I was busy catching up with my work after two large projects aside of my regular work. One of them got back to normal, another one - I got involved into too much and now I feel the pain of disappointment - so I need to backup a bit.
Anyway. In the meantime my ex is leaving company. Well, you guess...
Dawid is enjoying the fact he can fall out of his bed - since I took of the cot part and now he has a bed for 'big boys':) He ends up sleeping with me, but I trust it will change.
Time is healing his willingness to stay with me all day - he likes going to the nursery again, the freshly painted heaven full of girls (Catherina!) and friendly boys (Thomas, Charlie) whom he is so charming to introduce to me every single morning, again and again:)

Tonight I am taking time off - I need to do some writing and finish Coelho. There are ten new books on my shelf waiting to be read. Jummy! Just to make myself feel better after I didn't make it to Ben Okri during Oxford Literary Festival. Well, next year;)

I am listening to Ruarri's 'Tales...' (CD I finally managed to find time to order!), ate full bawl of ice-cream and just about to enjoy my new Chinese rose tea, hmmm...

Talking about time, I have found a cool screen saver. Pity, it's not for free - I don't see the point of paying for gadgets in general, this one might be tempting though...


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