Thursday, 10 April 2008


I always start with myself. I am the center of this universe. I speak those words, so I must be right! When did this world begin?

Since I can remember. I stand for my values, because I was the one who choose them form all that is given. I choose my

favourites, my clothes, my tears, my colors. I am the creator and the observer. The reality changes in MY eyes, eyes of the

beholder. I command my muscles to make the gesture. I allow myself to have an orgasm. And sometimes...sometimes it is I who lets

it all out.
I decide to be happy, to make myself one if needed be.
I never take drugs, since my 'I' is wild enough.
I begin with myself.
I end with self destruction.
I am reborn out of my own ashes.

They are an appendix.

I start each sentence with myself. I is just a letter, representing the endlessness of my mind

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