Sunday, 20 April 2008

'Everything comes in it's time' Hush The Many

I don't know how to write about music.All I can do it to write down what I think of the message, because the quality is obviously very good - smooth, vibrant and very sensual at once...and very British of course (I will try to no use this adjective too much though). Something about this music reminds me of Via Lactea by Zoe.
The band themselves look very enigmatic on the stage (see YouTube for more), and I would love to see them live, just to get more of the sensuality I feel in their music...

'Revolve' seems a little bit decadent to me, mainly because the message of the unavoidable is quite sadly and truly visualized in the clip...

Still, we do see it all around - time is killing our dreams, money is killing our soul, and all we can do is run circles, take a later bus just to stop for a sec and do the extraordinary - THINK!

I am happy the boys are getting lot's of promotion done around it! And I love the fact they are playing for Rock Against Racism!

(I love the clip by the way!)

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Jack said...

Thanks for that Syl - nice thoughts on the whole overall vibe behind the song.. Or so I understand it anyway :-)

Glad you like the video too - it was put together by lots of different animators so it's got a nice rich, varied mix of ideas too...

Anyway - much love.. xxx

Jack POP

GabK said...

Yes, I love the video, and as for the rest - it's purely my impressions, as usuall;)