Sunday, 20 April 2008

SeaLand 2

I need to learn to love my pictures just as J. loves his paintings - with passion, with maternal love, with obligation and with sacrifice...I am sending them now to get them developed and as I work out the framing I start to see what has become of them. I was making them just to keep the moments alive - like a way of writing them down, a diary of new kind.
Today they seem to exist on their own.
I have given away all pictures form my first exhibition and I hear lovely stories about their present owners. Jack is happier whenever he looks at 'Rage', Anna's only flowers in her tiny room currently are 'Tulips', I see 'Corruption' still on Klara's shelf every time I visit her.
I am happy they have found new homes. And even though I am just as flexible about my work as any other blogger, I do find some printouts magical - simply because they carry a story - each one of them a different message and different past, presence and future.'A rose is a rose is a rose'  - quoting someone great and famous;)

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