Thursday, 24 April 2008

Quotes from a written book

'Ultimately becoming something weaker, disemboweled and lifeless, and that is the reason why we moved to Micronesia, why this last outpost of sanity in a world rampant with self-obsessed madness, with this idea of Celebrity, is now our home.”
I would like to think of myself this way...really! I live in a place where people easily misjudge my capabilities simply because I DECIDED to simplify my life - one day, at the university, when one of my teachers made my CLASSIFY E.A. Poe as someone he himself probably never wanted to be (established of American Gothic literature or simply an oversensitive literary critique who was able to plan the Crow to the extend of basing the title on the need for a talking bird!!!! ah!!!come on!). I gave up searching...
..I started living my life, enjoying every precious minute of it, measuring every single decision filtering it through the self-consciousness of my mind, body and soul. And art, naturally..

The zen, the 'here and now' in its purest form, practices in its multiple meanings and visualizations.

As with any idea, this one would only work if we could only move to the new 'promised land' and be brave enough to step back, sit down and stare into the setting sun. Oh, well....

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