Monday, 7 April 2008

Forced to sit in front of pc...actually did something useful...

meaning I managed to find a place where I can get photographic equipment so cheap, that it's unbelievable! Ebay, of course. So here is a shy attempt to do more of still life this month:

It's called photobox, and it helps to gain lovely one-colored backgrounds for still life or add photos. It is actually just a box, so paying £40 for it sound a bit strange, but for £6 it already gains on value and it's good aspects - easy to carry (so I can go to the garden, pick a flower, put the box in the sunshine and still create a cool effect!), made of material which allows to use the lightening from sides or from behind (even more fun) and with backgrounds available in four colors! Ah, I am so happy! Cannot wait to try it out!:)

Such a tiny thing can make a blondie's day!:P

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