Sunday, 25 May 2008

yesterday, today

Yesterday I have managed to organize my friends and drag them all to Camden Town so that I can do my planned tattoo and convince A. to do hers. Well, I must say it was a lovely afternoon, mainly because of their company, which I am very grateful for! Thanks guys! I met M. too, who perfectly a year ago lived with A. and gave me and my son a home for a few - the most critical - days. It was shocking for all of us to realize it was sooo long time ago!
I was lucky with the tattoo, and experienced quite a post-modern way of 'having it done'. I was sitting there (Camden Piercing and Tattoo Studio, High Street, 02072677876) with two tattooists (one Italian, idea...he was joking throwing different countries, but I think he was Brazilian in the end), listening to them talking a mixture of Spanish-Portuguese - French, speaking to three quite silly American girls and listening Rammstein...but all this proved more than fruitful. I met an interesting person (author of my tattoo) and got a wonderful piece of art on my back (really well done!). It heals extremely quickly: I could sleep on my back and today we could already take quite a good pic of it.
Voila, here's my Fire-Snake symbol and the Chinese Dragon:

After arrival to Wantage and settling Dawid down after weekend away, I opened my inbox and...
wow! I have my first donation! Magda, you are my Angel!:)
It made my day!:) (together with the check for my first sold picture and an sms from dear Jane!)

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