Thursday, 29 May 2008

11th day, 105 days to day 0

Challenge again! I need to stop stuffing myself with chocolate. With my extremely low blood pressure I am OK to keep one glass of red wine here and there, but not the tones of chocolate vanishing in my tummy...oh, well, I am sure my colleagues will do everything to support my efforts and lower the risk of unnecessary temptation;)
I the meantime I am starting to push myself a bit harder - from yoga, belly dancing (those quite obviously just excuses for not running, haha) and exercise to those...

...ah, the very thought of me and fitness together is quite absurd, but that is exactly the reason why I am doing it:) I have enough time, but since I've received few donations somehow I feel I need to push myself harder and be more strict. Let's see.

Swimming from Monday onwards, if my Dragon looses its skin completely and the whole tattoo heals...I hope it will.

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