Tuesday, 6 May 2008

In between two events

My small exhibit in Oxford ArtFair proved to be great program for that weekend. We had so much fun with Dawid! He made it thought 6 hours of staying in one place, so I am really impressed. I am more than grateful to all interested in my works and the few who left me with great thoughts for new ones!

i will be in Appleton this weekend and I am very happy that my colleagues will be there too. Dawid goes to visit his dad so next weekend we will go to the seaside. Dawid's first hotel room is booked - hopefully with a nice view:) and lot's of photos brought back after lovely two days in Bournemouth. I need to gather some new works to apply for few new exhibitions and I am quite upset that at the end of the day I have hardly any strength to sit and blog:/

Evenings are nice though - the garden is in its best form ever and the sunny afternoons turn gently into the warm evenings. I love to spend those moments on a swing, with Dawid.

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