Monday, 19 May 2008

Cementum vs. Beksinski

The 3 day long exhibition in Appleton (pix here) made me realize that the participating in viewing of my art IS the catharsis I was looking for - at work, in life, in love, in friendship, in sex...I understood that there is nothing, but NOTHING that can make me happier than the view of casual people passing by and stopping for a second in front of my photo - my own vision of the world (even though yet such a beginner one:/) I became a full entity again! And old and eternal MYSELF (and a part of a team that raised £1000 for a charity)
On the road from complete lost of my identity and self-confidence I closed the circle and came out as a re-born once again. This time the process was so complete, that I deserve the new tattoo (planned for Saturday, if all goes well): a little fire snake represented by the Chinese dragon.
I see what the Master was preaching and striving for when saying:
' Photographer is somebody who is inspired by the surrounding reality and who’s transforming the reality using photographic equipment. I was always inspired by what’s within me, and nobody has ever invented a camera capable to photograph thoughts.' ( Zdzislaw Beksinski)
(Click on the pic below to go to his works>)

I see why Richard wants to be so precise and so intense about his writing, that he even orders a notebook with his favorite Beksinski painting engraved on the cover! I find the idea marvelous!
'I generally find inspiration in everything, literally everything. I guess you have to be like that when writing, take a look at an object or person, animal, anything, and take something from it, steal part of it for yourself. Always be thinking, always be contemplating, always taking that little twist on each and every thing you see, witness, hear, and making it your own. I love it, life, converting it, grabbing at all that is placed before me, refining it and giving it definition.' (Cementum)

Because yes, we all need to be inspired and then, we can perform little miracles:)
So here is my inspiration and the result of a lovely weekend at the sea - another (apart from Earth and Fire - Chinese Fire Snake) element of mine, titled SeeSea.I am having cool Gothic dreams again so I am off to enjoy the next one! Nightnight!


Richard Galbraith said...

awesome post syl! great to hear you've got your passion back, and that you had a successful day at your exhibition, definitely want to be in the country for your next one. Beksinski was amazing, his art combined with some of my dreams help me visualise the epic landscapes i've included in some of my more recent chapters. Anyway, remain inspired, take from everything, give a little back and good luck with the new tat!

Richard Galbraith said...

hey, sorry it's taken me so long to reply! great to see you've got your passion back, very cool. Never seen that quote from Beksinski before but the man was a genius. This images, along with some of my own dreams, have really helped me envision some of the epic landscapes i've needed to get in some of my more recent chapters. Awesome to hear about the success of your exhibition as well, there's never anything like the rush of seeing / hearing people react to your work, whether it's images or words, i absolutely love it. hopefully i'll be in the country for your next one! Anyway, keep thinking, keep taking, and always be sure to give a little back...good luck with the new tattoo :D

GabK said...

Thanks Rich, good to see you here! I can;t wait to see your book published:)