Monday, 19 May 2008

Day 1, 113 days to day 0.

Day Zero is the 7th of September 2008 when I have to run in the Adidas Women Challenge representing Amnesty International (Amnesty For Women Rights).

Today is the first day of my training. I take it very easy, starting with swimming. It took me two weeks to convince myself to do just that properly, so WELL DONE!
Currently my training possibilities are restricted to one hour of my lunch brake (lunch eaten in front of PC), so I need to make sure I do take it.

Swimming was cool today, I did 10 lengths and I think it helps to set up a daily goal too.
By the 8th I was dying.
The 9th was still hard.
The 10th went smooth and I actually enjoyed it better than the very few at the beginning. How bizarre.

Now I am sitting at my desk and all aching. How not bizarre.

Once I manage to swim every day, I can start jogging in the gym. By the time my parent come over to help me out with Dawid, I will be fit enough to do some serious running.
So I think I am pretty ok, although I still do not know how long the actual run is. I didn't bother checking...I might regret that part:/

As for now I am being strict to myself and sticking to the fist of the top 10 rules of training: RESTING!:)

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