Monday, 12 May 2008

Girl With a One Track Mind

Before I try to relate to all the Hungarian and Polish reviews of the book, let me share with you my personal experience of reading the book...

Shortly: it put me back to my place, it opened the long forgotten emotional sensors. Actually reading it came together with both my exhibitions and the full set of amazing experiences (feedback from all the viewers, newly met artist fellows, lovely atmosphere of two last weekends - one with and one without my son, perfect weather and non-commercial relaxed life filling me up with new ideas for next year) closed the chapter of my sad marriage, brought back the old me who trusts the beauty of the world and the craziness of human kind.
Once again, I know who I want to be. I know what I want. I choose the people I want to be friends with. I ignore the assholes/lesses. I have re-discovered the inner source of energy and feel I can do so much more!

Abby Lee's book gave only the ground of openness and sensuality for all those re-discoveries, still - without the book I would most probably move over the beautiful moments without even noticing them. And believe me, only 0.01% of them was connected to sexuality as such!

Well done, impressively honest and well written!

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