Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sea Land 3

Tomorrow we will open the exhibition in Appleton. I would like to start explaining the background of my input into this project. I have finally managed to put together a map with all the places I have used to randomly name my photos. Well, maybe not randomly, but almost;)
I decided to name this exhibition Sea Land, because
1. It is also a name of a British place
2. It quite well, symbolically, describes my current state - the constant balancing between walking on the land of my new life and dreaming in the few spear moments providing me with maximum creativity needed to feel that my life carries a meaning (for myself, my family, my friends). Balancing towards harmony, which makes me a happy person.
3. Sea Land is how I currently see the UK - mixture of very traditional and established communities with constantly fluctuating migrations.

I am looking for the places I have chosen to name the photos and I want to visit them this year. Kristina mentioned she would like to join me, so I can accomplish the plan easier, with her support. Thank her for that!:) We will take new photos and discover new 'Sea Land', and surely blog about it;)

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