Saturday, 31 May 2008

Literature on-line, new genre? one or more?

I belong to the lucky generation of those who started writing novels at the uni (started by one of us, continued by the next from the class - chapter by chapter, or paragraph by paragraph), but I am happy to see that today we have a genre for them - wovels, i.e. web-novels. Here is an ambitious example of one of those published (word 'published' seems to gain on its meaning as well;)) by Underland Press. We have lot's of bloggers publishing traditional books ON PAPER!:) (Schoble, Abby Lee, in Poland Krystyna Kofta, in Hungary..) but only now I learn about the opposite movement to bring literary pieces into existence on-line with such popularity. Even Twitter is used for fiction competitions! This time the task was to write a short story in 140 available characters precisely. You can find the full list of the winners here, and the First Place, Ron Gould, here...Brilliant!:) I can't wait to see more, more of fiction and more of the social media - or maybe even mixed with music and videos. If you know any, plz let me know!

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