Thursday, 29 May 2008


Talking of charity...of of my Polish colleagues invited me to a new Social Network for expats - InterNations.

'InterNations is the first international online Social Network exclusively for people living and working abroad. As a network of trust, InterNations is a place where its members can interact with other internationally-minded individuals sharing the same situation abroad, similar interests, and needs. Members of InterNations can get and keep in touch with private or work-related friends and acquaintances on a global and local level and exchange trustworthy and relevant information on specific topics with each other.'

I must admit that I am very, very impressed by the idea, design, functionalities and charity involved. Let me quote from here again:
'InterNations aims to be the leading platform for exchange between internationally-minded and acting individuals. Building upon a strong and open-minded international community, InterNations is committed to engage charitably and support cross-cultural understanding beyond the scope of its online community. To do so, InterNations and its members take specific actions together with AFS Intercultural Programs to support less privileged people around the world in gaining access to international education and experience.'

There is one very interesting idea here - option to check viewers of your profile with path on how they got to see it. I think it's a great idea for reinforcing the visibility of the site, slightly elitist approach to networking (in positive sense) and business thinking behind the design of the site.

It's still in Beta, but I am very much up for the idea, and I think I will make a good use of it, not only for private purposes - I think it's brilliant for expanding business networks too. The founders prove great professionalism and knowledge of social media (promotion of the site, charity, local and global networking, board and - very crucial - info on upcoming innovations (event calendar and country profiles). All this in a very tasteful design with a polite, personalized e-mail from the admin. Well done!

Check more on their blog.

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