Friday, 30 May 2008

12th day, 104 days to day 0

Started running, so it's official now;) But but...I did only 5 min run! How baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad is that!

Apart from the disappointment that I could only do two little rounds in the park behind our house, I enjoyed it extremely. Wantage is a lovely place and if you listen, if you do not take your iPod you can enjoy the whole philharmonics of bird noises, pass poor kids on their torturous way to school (oh, how I hated that feeling of forced commitment to an institution!) and enjoy the little place waking up. Just as me - even though I hate, hate, HATE running ('dirty goths' do not run;)), I DID wake up, which is a miracle. I usually wake up after 3rd coffee, and sometimes I still need a coke.

Anyway, I need to 'run' to work now, but it was not as bad, not bad...

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