Friday, 2 May 2008

I am a moron

I am having a shitty morning. I am getting ill. I am not prepared for my exhibition tomorrow. I have no idea who is planning, and who is not planning to come. I am fed up with myself, work, day and stupid weather and I feel it is going to rain tomorrow - if not everywhere it definetly will in Oxford castle after 10AM, when we are to have the art fair.
I am grumpy, and I feel like crying...I need a lot of chocolate: I started the day with a mini chocolate pudding - entered the office via kitchen, and ate it with my bad and coat still on....later I got a choc bar from a cute collegue of mine.
I still feel shit, shit, shit...

And what do I see in my spam inbox?:
How the f@@@ am I supposed to feel better!?

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