Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Feminists and flowers

There is something metaphysical in receiving flowers from men...yesterday morning I had to leave my boyfriend on his own in my flat and head off to work (horrible, horrible feeling no matter how self-motivated I am to study social media:P) and when I came back home I found bunch of white flowers in my favorite vase! The same type that proved to stay alive for 5 weeks last time I bought them myself!!!
It is an inter-textual gesture and unspoken joy to see that someone can make the effort and do something so nice!
It is an old truth that women and flowers belong to each other. I even believe than humans in general do not appreciate the beauty and power of flowers. They carry symbolic meanings. They are honestly proud of their beauty. They live quite short lives just to make ours friendlier...
I cannot help but be surprised by this gesture...and I find it rather sad. We do not give, not receive flowers. And if we do, it must be justify and tight down to prescribed procedures...why?
Believe me - give a flower to your friend, you lady, your husband  - and you will receive a smile worth millions and you will see the type off happiness (even if just for one second) which brakes walls and lifts you up...

I am happy to be honored with one of those white and outstanding wonders of nature in my little living room.

Thank you, J.

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theysaywordscanbleed said...

it's amazing how much joy a simple bouquet of flowers can bring.

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GabK said...

yes, and how easy it is to give one too:)