Saturday, 23 August 2008

Two important readings

I have not mentioned two important books I have read lately, I believe. Both were written by novelists born in Afghanistan, both books became quite famous. I usually tend to be quite careful about 'the bests', this time nonetheless I was forced to buy something on a  way to Budapest, so here is what I think.

'Samir and Samira' is a novel written by Siba Shakib, a woman and I would love to know opinions of male readers about the story and values. For me personally it was pretty straitforward for see decision process happening int he head of a girl who was raised as a boy and came to the point when she had to choose. Did she really choos? Did she choose right? For me this is not the part that really matters - it's the reasons behind each step of her life; the moments of discoveries (you know very well when the personality slaps you and it's not really measurable in tears or silences, but in the heaviness of the discovery!); the unbearable reality of the book and brittiant language of a woman who knows what she is writing about. Just as mistique as women's world, and as cruel and tense as men's world can be...

'The Kite Runner' - if you haven't read it yet - is a book written by a man who also is fully aware of Afghan reality and his approach is quite realistic. Instead of mystique explanations he is using emotional set ups and triggers to make you cry! Seriously, I cried like a baby! (the Hungarian lady on the train must think that foreigners are bizarre..)  And I do read the news, I see the pictures, I KNOW what is happening in Afghanistan. I did not understand though, and this book opened my eyes slightly thanks to brilliant structure, symbolism and craft of Khaled Hosseini's writing. It's more than worth reading, it's worth keeping on the shelf - just in case if my poetic soul carries me away from every day life. This book will bring me back on the surface of earth with a huge bang!

So, if you want to more about a place where you probably will not travel to for a while, try those out!

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