Friday, 1 August 2008

NY Times and Women Bloggers - BlogHer

(source: NY Times)

B.L.Ochman's strong opinion about NY Times article on BlogHer Conference struck me in todays morning readings (I like to check it out time to time)...I wish I could see some stats of female blogging, because as a part of that community I do not really feel left out or less appreciated than my fellow male bloggers. Still, I do not do it for living, just for fun  - I guess it might be and must be an issue if there is a conference on the topic. BTW I see nothing wrong in gathering and sharing ideas using any excuse - as long as it't not a bunch of women looking for excuse to complain and do nothing about it (sorry ladies, I am basing it on my experience of Eastern-European feminist gatherings...) - I cannot stand those.

Let's see...BlogHer site is OK, I see women addressing hte very same issues as all bloggers around the world - so why is that wrong?

Men have their cars and football, women can have their 'You are perfect' messages - what on earth is the difference?:)

Just relax and enjoy being who you are and if you are mistreated or misjudged - do something about it, damn right!

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lolly said...

Have you heard of blogs by women ( - It's an American website and they clearly don't like boys on there ;)

What do you make of that one?

GabK said...

Wow! Will check it out tonight! Thank you!:) ? hm...

GabK said...

Oh, yes, men are not welcomed, still - few interesting blogs on web design and marketing - a few:) their blog on the other hand is highly feminist and I'm skeptical about the post quoting survey proving that women are less active in sharing their activity on-line (personally I experience more creative bonding with girls than boys)if the target group is a niche - students - I do not find it representative at all.
In business and PR blogging, I would probably agree in terms of established bloggers, but it would be interesting to see a survey measuring all ages, all regions on a global scale:) Can someone do it, plz!?:)