Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ms Wu and Ms Wang - did China change after Olympics?

OK, I have been reading news about all the achievements during the Olympics but I am still not convinced if the country will change at all...Yes, I am damn sceptical! Krease Chan is making a very valid point on Amnesty Blogs about reality of ordinary people vs. political statements. Would you like to be sentenced for a year of re-education through labor for disturbing public order? (I am sorry, I cannot help but think back to the times when as a student of ELTE university I would hold small parties in my rented flat in Budapest and have police knocking on my door - just simply asking me to turn the volume lower - since it's regular to have neighbours calling police istead of coming over themselves, hehe). This is not funny though. Both ladies are about 80 years old!!!
Amnesty Blogs has more interesting posts, so go and check it out!

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