Sunday, 17 August 2008

Twitter again!

Just decided to sit back in front of my pc - tried not to, just to enjoy last hours of my holidays but checking my mail I realised that while I was away in Budapest I have received an invite to Twitterfone - a Twitter tool based on voice recognition allowing you to update the Twitter account via voice call. Cool, easy to use and really working;) -in Budapest I actually enjoyed keeping in touch with my friends and readers via Twitter last week - NOT browsing, blogging, checking my mail:) which is why I am getting so exited about a tool that for some of you might be boring already, hehe.

Happy Second Anniversary to Lolly btw!:)

1 comment:

lolly said...

Meant to post that comment a wile back... thanks for the birthday wishes!

I also agree that Twitterfone is a cool tool!