Monday, 25 August 2008

TUTEC - a new way of life? :)

Just finishing going through my pictures from Hungary I remembered to check the website of my friend's son, Gergo, who decided to introduce a new way of life - life in a silk hammock! TUTEC is a hammock made of parachute silk in a range of lovely colors (end of the ad, hehe) and I simply love it!!!:) I just ordered another one to have here and enjoy it with my son! I think ideas like this one simply cannot not work! The website itself shines with happiness and rather free, relaxing lifestyle:)

(I'll add the pix tomorrow, my web connection is SHIIIIT!)

Update: pix added:P


G said...

Hi! It is fantastic to see, that our messege arrived to GB. Have nice hangouts :)

GabK said...

I'll spread the word for you:) I can't wait to get one to hand it in my bedroom:)