Saturday, 23 August 2008

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

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'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' is first film I decided to buy to my DVD collection since ages. I have heard quite good opinions about this one, so for a few moneyz it really was a good move:) I do not know why but the older I get the more sensitive I become and I really need to take it easy with intense images! This one is really well done, and I think I would like it less if living in Hungary still. There must be a hidden feeling of charm of the local history behind the fact that I spent 2 hours last night staring into my laptop putting my evening coffee away...
Kate Blanchett always seems to be a symbol if innocent beauty - please do not ask me why - but it's not the only striking thing about this one - she basically showed the ful process of development of that key figure of British history, in few uncertain gestures, glimpses, in simplicity and clear mind...I like seing strong personalities - even if in fictive creations.

I shifted from buying music, so I WILL bore you with a few more classics, hehe...

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