Sunday, 31 August 2008

Happy Blog Day everyone!

It's your day, so accept my best wishes! Happy Blog Day everyone!
I am happy to have the chance to mention my current the best 5, so here they are:)

1. Chris Brogan - social media guru, whose tips and advice are crucial for my work and my blogging.
2. Blog Till You Drop - Lolly is not only a friendly person, but also a very professional blogger - her insights are always valuable!
3. Cementum - It's amazing to see Rich not only working very hard on his book, but also blogging about the process - it must be so hard to be able to look at yourself and be so disciplined! I am impressed!
4. The Girl - I am very impressed by her work as a blogger and writer too. This one is a must!
5. PR Blogger - good study of current situation in PR, very helpful!

Now, this list reflect my UK, English speakign life. My Polish list was published here.
No Hungarian this time - I am not reading Hungarian blogs (apart from few friends, like Planet Damage) after discouragement of a few Nazi sites, brrr...

I wonder how those lists change in one year time:)
Happy BD again!

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1 comment:

lolly said...

Happy blog day! Chris Brogan is a brilliant choice! Thanks for the link love ;)