Saturday, 23 August 2008

Flock 2 in beta

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know that few days ago I gave up waiting on feedback to my e-mail to Flock guys and decided to use Firefox 3. Actually, I still think it's a great browser, BUT! The very same Flock person picked up my mentioned tweet and responded immediately - which something bloggers like:) and deserves appraisal. I was given a chance to try out the beta 2 version of Flock and must admit that it works better on my Vista now. I am still trying it out (I really like the blog posting options on Flock - mainly when my xx wifi provider is shit and the connection dies every few seconds and I need to post quickly on few servers), but I noticed two reasons against using it on an on-going basis.
1. Flock does not allow me to upload a pic to the posting window directly - for me it's pain in the neck, since I am a photographer and I like posting my own s....hizzle:)
2. I have just discovered Zemanta Firefox add-on which is simply very, very cool and I am still enojying using it for tagging!

I am impressed by the outreach of Flock guys, so I will keep using both for a while (Flock from home probably, due to my shitty connection) and keep an eye on Flock's improvements. It has potential, so let's see.

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HKW said...

Hey Sylwia! Nice blog! Love it.

Just to say thanks for pointing out Flock. I've been getting a bit sick of Twitter lately, it's been a bit buggy for me with limits and stuff and not responding so I may check out Flock!


GabK said...

Thank you!
Yes, I think Flock has a potential - mainly for bloggers really, and the guys seem to be very ambitious about it, so I keep on using it too.