Saturday, 23 August 2008

Facebook virus?! what is this shit?

Oh, just opened my Facebook index and found this:

My ass might not be too bad...still...considering Arnaud is my friend's husband (we do not correspond) and I did not take any videos of my ass AT ALL, I think it's a shitty virus. Did anyone receive something similar? It's not the first time I struggle with this social network and I see traffic decreasing there. Maybe we should all move on? If so, where to? To Twitter and Friendfeed+it's developments? To mobile blogging? To Flickr and YouTube?

I might do...Facebook begins to annoy me with unnecessary issues.

UPDATE: Yep, all of his friends got it! Be aware!

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Diego Fernández Magdaleno said...

Veo que has estado en España. Yo acabo de visitar Oxford. Me ha parecido absolutamente maravilloso.

GabK said...

Diego, mucho gusto España (Barcelona, Asturias y Andalusia)!:) Ecribo un nuevo post par Cordoba - esta noche, yo espero:)


lolly said...

That sucks! All popular service will experience some type of spamming / viruses... That Facebook one is pretty shit though

GabK said...

very much so...