Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What an idiot! Forgot my blog's Birthday!

I just realised my blog kicked off a year ago, on the 1st of September!
How could I forget???
Oh yes, maybe by kicking off another blog, hehe... (this time together with Magda, my fellow blogger from Oxford, who loves Polish food and remaining of socialist subculture, in this case milk bars - we want one in Oxford and we want to dig out all the childhood memories - the good ones;))...
....oh well, women do not count the years, right?
Happy 1st Birthday to my UK blog:D

Present? A rainbow.......or two rainbows.....on the way from work.

Update: Well, I had to sleep on it - truth being I have written this on a different engine before, so how does it work now - I have not celebrated blog birthdays yet:/ I am not sure if I should celebrate this one...maybe I should leave it for January? Any advice, anyone?..I'll still think about it:P

Exactly, this whole blog birthday thing reflects how confused I am nowadays...uff..

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Richard Galbraith said...

many congrats on the one year mark, always a good milestone! The oldest 'still live' blogpost i've got is 14/09/04! but i lost a load of writing when moving my site, i think i could claw something back from 2002 if i tried!

if you want a milk bar in oxford try - they rock. Not sure how they relate to the commie ones of old you're probably used to, but they're still a great place to hang out and drink milk!

GabK said...

What a brilliant idea! We will definitely do something with them!:) I know the place but just from passing it by...thx, Rich.

You know what, I was just updating the post while you wrote the comment - let's celebrate - I have an excuse to celebrate twice, hehe:) Here in September, and on in January:) 'oh, happy day!'