Wednesday, 3 September 2008

According to his blog Andy Sernovitz is on vacation now, but I just finished his book today (remember - had time only on the bus:P) and must admit that it is a great study for all companies unfamiliar with WOM Marketing. I somehow assumed I hardly know anything about it and happily concluded the opposite - I recognised all the main rules and tips given in this study. At the same time I was amazed how this book reflects the true nature (can one talk like that about business?:/) of WOM Marketing - transparency, reality and very down to earth Word of Mouth techniques - action>reaction type of thinking which might sound simple, but is the best solution here.
Word of Mouth Marketing is a) giving people a reason to talk about you and b) making it easier for the conversation to take place.' - this is his definition! (can be found on this site committed to the book with quite interesting content, do check it out!)

I would like to leave you with the words of his WOM Manifesto from the same source:
'1. Happy customers are your best advertising. Make people happy.
2. Marketing is easy: Earn the respect and recommendation of your customers. They will do your marketing for you, for free.
3. Ethics and good service come first.
4. UR the UE: You are the user experience (not what your ads say you are).
5. Negative word of mouth is an opportunity. Listen and learn.
6. People are already talking. Your only option is to join the conversation.
7. Be interesting or be invisible.
8. If it’s not worth talking about, it’s not worth doing.
9. Make the story of your company a good one.
10. It is more fun to work at a company that people want to talk about.
11. Use the power of word of mouth to make business treat people better.
12. Honest marketing makes more money.'

I think all WOM marketing consultants should treat it as a starting point. I strongly advice having it on our shelf!

(Actually I think the comments to his materials sound exactly like his preaching about WOM: 'Share This Article! I want you to pass this article on — it’s one of the best ways to generate word of mouth. You can post, copy, forward, or share this article with anyone you want, as much as you want. But you need to follow the rules: 1) Don’t change it, 2) Give author credit to Andy Sernovitz, 3) Mention that it comes from the book Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, and 4) Link to (c) 2006 Andy Sernovitz. This work is licensed
under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.')
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