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Welcome to the Autumn 2008 issue of Action. The Beijing Olympics have been a spectacular sporting event but they've taken place against a backdrop of human rights violations. The Chinese authorities have prevented activists from expressing their views, holding many in detention when they have committed no crime and arresting journalists who have tried to report on human rights violations. Read more about the situation in China here

Dugald McNaughtan
Activism, Amnesty International UK

Control arms

World is watching Help secure an Arms Trade Treaty. Two years ago 153 governments voted at the UN to develop an Arms Trade Treaty. Act now to ensure they honour this promise and deliver the treaty. Take action

Cluster bomb ban Good news Cluster bomb ban. On Friday 30 May, the UK signed a treaty banning cluster munitions, and in doing so, agreed to drop it's calls for exemptions and ban its two remaining cluster bomb systems. Read more

Loopholes closed in arms export controls Good news Loopholes closed in arms export controls. The UK government has announced several new measures to improve its own arms export controls. It will close loopholes on small arms brokering and trafficking as well as introduce controls on arms that could be used for torture. Read more

Amnesty on the web

ProtectTheHuman.com Amnesty's new socially based activism website ProtectTheHuman.com now features 'groups' functionality. Users can create groups based on Human Rights issues, hold discussions and post related content. Visit the site and provide us with feedback

Business and human rights

A young boy holds a banner which has 'clean up Bhopal now' written on it Good news Bhopal - Survivor organisations claim victory The Government of India announced that it will set up an Empowered Commission on Bhopal, and take legal action on the civil and criminal liabilities of Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. Read more

Stop violence against women

Parvin Ardalan, one of five women's rights activists arrested in connection with a peaceful demonstration on 12 June 2006 demanding equal rights for women in Iran. Image courtesy of www.kosoof.com Women's rights campaigners in Iran. Women in Iran face far-reaching discrimination under the law. They are denied equal rights in marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance. Activists working to defend women's rights continue to face harassment by the Iranian authorities. Take action

Terrorism, security and human rights

Binyam Mohammed, Uk Resident detained at Guantánamo Bay © Private Health concerns for UK resident detained at Guantánamo Bay. Send an appeal to David Miliband to get UK resident Guantánamo detainee Binyam Mohamed moved out to a less harsh environment. Take action

LGBT rights

Turkish LGBT rights Turkish LGBT rights action. A local court in Istanbul ordered the closure of the Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender solidarity organization, Lambda Istanbul. Such a closure violates the right to freedom of association. Take action


The secret policeman's ball 2008 The secret policeman's ball 2008. Tickets for this year's Secret Policeman's Ball are now on sale. You can buy them here or read more about the event here.

Ways of supporting Amnesty

Join us Join us Amnesty relies on the support of individuals for 94% of our income. Become a member with a one-off payment of £24 or spread the cost through direct debit; concessions available for students and the unwaged. Find out more

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