Monday, 22 September 2008

Car free day?

Of course I went to work by car today- currently I have no alternatives! Personally I prefer to go to work by bus or train, simply because I can read in the meantime. I am not looking forward to the times when I have to drive myself:P and when I move to Oxford I really want to take the train and shuttle bus (20 min altogether) instead of suffering in the traffic. I can enjoy driving and freedom of it over the weekends, if I want to.

I am happy that there is a day when people are made to think about alternative ways of getting to work or moving around town in general. And I am happy it's a European initivative:)
Sometimes we are so trapped in day-to-day reality... What do you think, if you had a choice, would you go to work by bike or a bus?

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Andy said...

Even though I enjoy biking to work, on reflection I shouldn't judge people for not doing so. I would be the first to admit that here in Britain the attitude is to see the car as an expression of our personal freedom. People see it as their right to go to work by car. The perceptions of public transport are usually quite bad, same could be said of other space-saving measures like living in large blocks of flats. Maybe it's something to do with our society not being very tactile and our wariness of strangers. This situation has then developed into a vicious circle as we have chosen governments who under-invest in public transport. In London, the situation is changing somewhat, I yearn for the day we catch up with continental countries in this regard.

GabK said...

I guess it's a side effect of living in a well developed country. Saying that Budapest is quite ok, but people still prefer to take a bus - it's so hot in summer you boil and suffer in a traffic jam!- why to suffer - buses and trams are actually quicker and more comfortable. Strange, bus people take it so for granted that they have a huge culture of reading on a bus - saves you time for friends once you get to your destination:)