Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Economy Crisis in the US

Lunch time, thinking time;) Just found Scoble's post and see how upset he is by today's decision of US Congress. I usually do not like to take part in discussions about US politics or economy, still this is a large issue and affects us all, right. Why are we all upset?
Because the decision made by an institution on the other side of the world will affect our lives? ( I really want to have my own house one day, but without my bank's support I can forget about it, etc).
Because the decision was wrong - at least according to specialists and common sense.
Because an average US citizen trust her/his government to make right choices and believes in democracy.

'This is shaking my belief system pretty thoroughly, because I actually do believe that a decentralized system is stronger than one with one guy or gal in the middle controlling everything. But for a decentralized system to work we have to 1. be smart and 2. believe in each other. Those two things are proving to me to be pretty trying right now.'

I know there is a lot of academic discussion about quality or actual power of citizen in the US democracy, but let's put it aside. Let's look at the situation of other democracies too - Poland, Hungary - countries I know - kicked it off so well, and I am not convinced they do it right. Polish reality/economy is not too promising, Hungarian one even more depressing than the typical Hungarian pessimism. I just wonder if there is a perfect, balanced democracy? UK seems a very well working one to me, and we still have leaders taking UK boys to fight wars (why do we need to fight wars at all nowadays? I thought we all learned the lessons from II WW?). It's all down to trust (yes, Scoble is right), common sense, peaceful approach and mutual respect. It's all about working for better common wealth in order to achieve happier private life, right?
Apologies for my idealism, but when we look at it realistically even citizen based systems still depend on part of the society - not always the most smart, knowledgeable and ready to make right choices par of the society.

It saddens me and scares me like hell. That is why I do not post about politics nor economy:)
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