Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Polish moods

Tonight I am resting...thinking of the free ticket I was offered for Sunday concert of Polish music on Wembley...and the fact I was running, celebrating Birthday and was needed somehere else...th more I think of it, waiting for Magda's post with pictures from event on Bar Mleczny (our initiative to open a milk bar in Oxford to promote Polish arts:)), the more I miss bits a pieces like those below...ech...I do miss Poland and Polish language sometimes:)
Raz dwa trzy - Trudno nie wierzyć w nic

Cesaria Evora & Dorota Miśkiewicz - Um Pincelada

Dorota Miśkiewicz - POZA CZASEM

Maria Peszek - Nie mam czasu na seks

justyna steczkowska- grawitacja

Tam, gdzie nie siega wzrok - Anna Maria Jopek

I hope I managed to finish with a less abstract song;) And I hope you enjoyed this short intro to the Polish music.

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