Monday, 8 September 2008


Despite the rainy morning I managed to get out of bed, have an early breakfast and walk over to Hyde Park (10min from the place where I stayed:)). I must say the atmosphere of the run was brilliant and made me feel very confident! I really enjoyed being a part of a huge event (1900 attendees in London, 2000 in Bristol and 2000 in Liverpool), event promoting charity in general! It's been ages that I have been to a huge event, and I have never ever been an active member of a run or any other sport event (apart from school event, of course) and I realized there is something magical and completely objective in the common interest and common ancient purity, even though this one was heavily branded!

It was very emotional and very uplifting, so I managed to completed 3km in 30 min, then finished in 40 min even though I did need to walk a bit! Amazing! I honestly did not think I can make it after poor training and 3 years of complete passivity, pregnancy and quite a stretched time of constant nervousness and loss of weight!
Well, it's done, and I am very happy I managed to collect half of my aimed amount - simply because I never thought I will be able to raise money AT ALL! So once again thank you for supporting me and keeping me going! It really means a lot to me and all other women who need support in hard times! It's such a simple thought but truly matters! Thanks!

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