Friday, 5 September 2008

Chrome, enough

OK, we have those topics that everyone is talking about (even about the inspiration behind its logo!), but it really tires me out now to hear about new browsers. I like to have good tools for work, so I do test them all, as I did with Chrome, but I am getting to the stage where only Firefox 3 is suitable for my needs (sorry, Flock - you have a good team, but still need to work on it a bit).
I need to get rig of all others from my laptop, I mean look at this list!

Five different web browsers it way too much!

Firefox 3 stays, decided!
There are few interesting things about the Chrome launch itself though...I liked the idea of the cartoon. I see there are browser themes available already, and Google privacy terms and conditions issue got me interested though.. hm... I wonder if Google will make it to the top three:) Thoughts?

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colinmercer said...

And you don't even have the browser of choice... Opera!

GabK said...

nope, I tried it while working at Nokia, enough:)