Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ethics - interesting sites

For those interested in issues of ethical trade there is an event happening in London soon.

Corruption is an ethical issue which is and always will be actual. I am glad that places like Transparency International educate the global audience on facts.

Ethics Resource Center seems to be more focussed on US business ethics, still you can find cool reports on UK issues as well.

If you are interested in actual events and international ethics go to this site.

But most of all I advice you to check the London based Institute of Business Ethics, where previous European Conference of Business Ethics was hosted. The site gives great insights into basics of implementation of ethical code and policy in a generic way - any business friendly. They link to great sources of Ethics studies, also mention upcoming events and most of all - train people interested in business ethics.
I am actually planning to attend this one, on the 30th of October. If anyone is planning it too, please let me know!

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