Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Blakle - social media baby

When I discover - or like in this case - am told about sties like Blackle I feel like a social media baby...walking in nappies still. It's a cool idea, and I bet my fellow blogger D4M4G3 (Hungarian blogger who just posted about his trip to London with few cool pix) knew about it and has it in his collection of black shizzle. If not, I am honoured to impress him. (I doubt I do;))


Planet said...

Oh, the Black Shizzly Inventory of Doom! Yep, we've even tried to calculate if we're better off with using the Blackle interface but we're searching via the Firefox Google searchbar, anyways :) The idea is good and I think I've seen some green (literally) versions of it as well, I'll check after it. More London pix to come, thanks heaps!

GabK said...

See, didn't manage to impress you!:)