Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Twitter ettiquette and addiction

I was just wondering - is there any? Are we expected to start following all of our followers? Is it bad if I have the same amount of followers as those whom I follow?
Honestly? I do not care. I find Twitter fun! Also I think it's a great tool to communicate new ideas, and web tools with the world, and by following web gurus I hope to learn from them.
I think I slowly start getting addicted to it. I do put 140 characters in my head even if I have no phone around to send the message bizarre!  I do check it quite often and read like a book.
I am happy to see growing amount of followers and happy to find more interesting faces on-line.
I am extremely honored when someone sends me a private message saying thank you for following them.
I am annoyed if I start being followed by a 'deal' and she/he 'knows' I will read the profile, which really is a waste of time.
And time is what Twitter is all about - we can quickly update the world on, i.e. the fact we forgot the promised sweets the moment we sat down at our desk, so that colleagues do not kill us without warning;)

Anyway, it's interesting to see how Twitter, in spite basic functionalities, manages to evolve into social network.

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