Sunday, 8 June 2008

bret, the abusive..spam

Damn it! I get on the bus to Oxford (had a lovely time on London btw), all ambitious to do some work via wifi and just when I quickly want to check my gmail Bret, the Abusive is calling me stupid! Additionally with the same, repetitive slogan:
It's one of my weak points. I might be grumpy. I might be blond and spill some coffee on the keyboard (but 1. I drink liters of coffee, 2. I sit in front of pc 12hrs a day, 3. shit happens). But I am NOT stupid. (and my 'little' half-feminist half-goth half of the brain - the other one usually stays rational kicks off thinking:'btw I have three degrees, speak 4-5 languages, I am single mom and a business girl...and an f@@@ off!')

I'll keep this one to see how many I will get next week. How can I get rid of a continuous spam on gmail? Someone-help-someone...

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