Sunday, 22 June 2008

Indiana Jones faster, louder than his website;)

We decided to see something light…and the only light film was Indiana Jones. Although I have moved away from that type of movies, I wanted to see the next film from the series – just to have my opinion about it. Well, well done yes. Perfect…for US market.

It’s a curse to be a graduate of American Studies, you end up watching all the Hollywood movies with one eye closed…sixties in the US, communist, actors speaking English with Russian accent with English accent (you know what I mean), famous faces, famous tricks, fast, loud, and…predictable And of course…there must be the superior power, UFO or God, or board of wise men…no, UFO is great for US and UK market, since the UK government released UFO files on-line. Just on time. And, as Jv fairly noticed – forces of nature  - the eternal enemy of puritans…well, water was ok, but the ants a bit too much (I like the idea, I just know a bit about those ants, happened to study them in primary school, and they do not attack – they simply marsh and eat whatever is trapped and cannot run, cannot imagine them running after a Russian soldier, because they are hungry…quite hilarious thought actually: he is Russian/Ukrainian, he is big and strong and BAD, let’s get him! Ha, food for whole month for well, few of us:))

But putting all this aside I am happy to see Harrison Ford again. I am happy to enjoy the film innocently, as if it were a cartoon for my son, with few additional tricks and visual effect. Happy to see it be quite similar to previous films, as well, I think it’s a good film for a weekend afternoon. And no, not a waste of money, because it still looks better on the big screen.

Quick note on the website – apart form wallpapers and buddy icons, you can download and share a widget – good PR thinking, but site could be faster...


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