Thursday, 26 June 2008

Spain winning, Spanish too

Tonight is the night of Spanish victory (what a coincidence!), but my evening is quite. I am celebrating watching my favorite Spanish film again. I wanted to be alone tonight, and it happened to be so. I started to write my Hungarian blog, so I can pull my new thoughts together, but I think I managed quite well. I like those times when soul comes first, few free moments squeezed in between the lines of work, motherhood, friendship:)
Last week I dreamed about love - physical, emotional, spiritual. I saw a man and a woman, I saw nature and the unnatural, I saw darkness and I saw the eternal, the endless whiteness.
Yes, JJv was right, I do have a secret. I can live on my own, and with keep it just for myself. Or I can share it and become more than one person.
As for now, me is more than enough.

I am happy though that Jv and my colleagues will celebrate their victory tonight. They have football int heir blood. They deserve it.

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