Thursday, 12 June 2008

Smth I wanted to post on Sunday

I apologize, my work takes us all my time, you probably all know the feeling, so I hope you will understand.

'I have discovered a cute little 'my kind of a place' in London now - just behind a corner for Jv so I can have my breakfast here whenever on a way home. Yes, I actually LOVE to have it on my own. I admire Jv for his ability to stay silent and still mark the space with his presence. But silence is not equal with solitude, which I very often seek. I always did.

I think the slowly weekend mornings should kick off gradually...if I need to rest properly, I need to boot slowly...Even now, I am sitting in this place opposite the mirror, seeing as the shadows from below my eyes gradually fade away as I sip my morning coffee. I cannot eat my croissant yet...

First time I saw this place, I was already happy. You can see them, like little spots hidden in between giants of consumer life - huge shops and offices. They stand still, and bring joy to those Londoners, who still remember the times of morning coffees and newspaper read in the local coffee shop. This one used to be an antique shop and looks really extravagant and slightly disturbing. No, I cannot call it eclectic - it's just bizarre, warm, friendly, and I bet most of the posh locals would hate it just seeing the worn out chairs and floor (old, wooden floor with paint coming off it! - where do you see that?). But, where do you get to see the smile of the serving girl, read morning newspaper or a philosophy book (just because it was left there) or listen to French chanson - quite surprisingly matching with the pictures of Chinese aristocracy on the walls!

Reminds me of Szimpla in Budapest so much! Every village, town, city has its 'Szimpla's. In Budapest it is a down to earth, slightly alternative coffeeshop-pub located int he heart of the Jewish quarter. I used to live in the same street, and spend all summer evenings, and weekend mornings (note: ehm, as a student morning started at 11AM!) there. There were other places too. There were the summer gardens set up each year in a different empty house not to disturb the neighbors(Hungarians are nuts about noise - your neighbors will call police at 10AM sharp if you have a house party, even though you have left them a note about it a week earlier in their postbox, police will arrive and ask you to lower the volume and smile saying 'well, we know, but we need to do that:)) And we are talking about really cultural level of 'noise'). There are the seasonal pubs opened usually by of the Boheme foreigners. I used to like to go to those, even if I disliked getting involved in the whole Boheme life - simply because of my origin I was a part of it anyway. All this was the SPACE of my writing, and I enjoyed the unconditional nature of it all very, very much...
Today, even though my life has run a few circles, I discover that I am still the same.:)
And even though I love UK, I miss Budapest, like I miss Mexico and few people from both of those places who left a mark on my personality...

Yes, it's another side of me. Not the gadget lover, not much of a blogger or photographer, just the quiet Sylwia. Oh well, la donna e mobile.'

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